Bengali Style Saree Draping

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Don’t be bogged down by the end result and consider this complicated. You will have to trust us when we say that this is much easier than the Nivi style. It is very common for traditional Bengalis to sport this style, and it is not very difficult for a non-Bengali to pull it off. Besides, the hand-loomed Bengal cotton sarees are to die for. However, a lightweight cotton saree is a close second. With the big red bindi, and white and red bangles, this style needs little or no accessories – it is sheer elegance and a stand-alone beauty.

What You Need

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Petticoat
4. Safety pins

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. The basis for Bengali saree draping is the same for all the styles, so follow the first three steps as per Style 1 (Nivi style).
  2. The pleats work slightly differently for this style. Unlike the traditional one, these are called box pleats, essentially because they are broad.
  3. Start from the plain (non-pallu) end, and tuck the fag end just near the belly button. Continue to swaddle from the left side and complete the round from behind till you reach the point where you first started.
  4. Now, begin to make broad pleats that start at the left side of your belly button and fold it in a way that it ends at the right leg.
  5. Pay attention to the length of the pleats and that it levels with the ground.
  6. You just need two pleats for this style – flatten them and tuck it away into the skirt.
  7. Pin them if you prefer, but camouflage in a way that the safety pins don’t protrude.
  8. Now, bring the saree in front of you and make svelte pleats just about the size of the border.
  9. Leave the pallu and length of the saree till it touches the ground. You could probably use clips to keep the pleats intact.
  10. Take the right side border of the first pleat and stretch it to the other end. Pin it there if you prefer.
  11. All you need now is to pull the bottom part of the pleated pallu and toss it over your shoulder, from underneath your right armhole.
  12. You can accessorize the tip with an ornament like jeweled keys.