How to Wear Indian Sarees - Saree Draping Styles

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The absolute must-haves

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Petticoat
4. Safety pins

Beauty is in the details, and accessories round off this perfect ensemble.

1. Shoes
2. Bindi
3. Saree rouche or other embellishments
4. Bangles
5. Earrings
6. Hair accessories

  1. Drape Saree Know How To..
  2. Step - 1 Wear an under skirt(petticoat). Hold the inner end top adge of the.. Continue..
  3. Step - 2 Wrap the saree around the waist and truck the top adge of inner end firmly into the.. Continue..
  4. Step - 3 Wrapping around the back, maintain the same height and tuck the top edge of the.. Continue..
  5. Step - 4 Start folding the pleats from right holding the top edge of the saree tautly with the Left.. Continue..
  6. Step - 5 Make 7 to 12 pleats according to your requirement.. Continue..
  7. Step - 6 Hold the pleats together and adjust the height so that the lower edge is at.. Continue..
  8. Step - 7 Tuck the pleats into the petticoat. The pleats should fall straight. Then bring the Saree.. Continue..
  9. Step - 8 Hold the remaining saree in your right and pass on to the left. You can also pleat the pallav edge.. Continue..
  10. Step - 9 Drape the pleated pallav over your left shoulder so that it falls freely back. Secure it with a safety pin.. Continue.. - One And Only Ethnic Wear Wholesale Online Shopping in India. The Wide Collection of designer sarees, salwar suits, lehenga, kurti, Gown, Leggings, Kaftans and ethnic wear. Have a Nice Shopping With Wholesale Rates