Kerala Style Saree Draping

Posted by John 16/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Indian Sarees,

One of the most elegant looking sarees that has become a thing, and not just at traditional Kerala weddings. An interesting change from the regular bridesmaid’s attire, perhaps. This conventional handloom saree originated in an off-white and gold border combination, but is now available in myriad shades (for the border). If you’re considering this for your girl tribe, they can each select a contrast color for the blouse and jazz it up.

What You Need

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Petticoat
4. Safety pins

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. This style gives you a two-piece (half-saree) output that is a staple for Kerala saree draping.
  2. Place the entire saree behind you and bring one end from the left side and the remaining to the right side of your body, as shown in the video below.
  3. Make about two broad pleats, and ensure the gold border sticks out. Tuck this at the waist.
  4. There are not many pleats for this style, unlike the others. So, neatly adjust these before you move to the next step.
  5. Take the remaining part of the saree and make thin pleats with the pallu border on the left.
  6. Secure the pleats with a safety pin at the left side of your shoulder. This style does not need you to pull it from underneath your right hand arm.
  7. Now, take the right end of the pleated bunch and pull it from under your right arm.
  8. Bring this to the left side and tuck it near the belly button.
  9. Iron out any parts of the saree that seem to be standing out, and viola!