Marathi Style Saree Draping

Posted by John 16/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Indian Sarees,

This traditional Marathi style saree draping makes for a rustic and country-chic look, if done well. A look that is going to have some heads turning and will give you the much-needed attention. Unlike the other styles, this needs a nine-yard saree and not the regular six yards. Plus, you also do not need an underskirt, although most of them wear either shorts or knee-length leggings. Wear the nose ring, which is also called the ‘nathni’, tie your hair in a chignon updo, wrapped in jasmine flowers, and flaunt glass bangles and temple jewelry..

What You Need

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Petticoat
4. Safety pins

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Start with the saree behind you, and hold the plain end of the saree in your left hand.
  2. Leaving about a little less than a yard at the left end, tie a knot at the right side of the waist, above the belly button.
  3. Now, take the shorter end of the loose end, and yank it from between your legs. Make thin pleats (if needed) and tuck it at the back. Pin it so that it stays untouched.
  4. Run your fingers along the remaining width of the saree, making pleats. Pull it over from under your right arm and securely pin it on the left shoulder.
  5.  You will now be left with the length that is just enough for the pleats. Tuck these over the knot near the waist, slightly towards the left.
  6. Remember that the Marathi style sarees are an inch above your feet, anything higher or lower than this might spoil the look.