Mermaid Style Saree Draping

Posted by John 16/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Indian Sarees,

Another charming choice for new brides, it is sheer elegance. This style complements the half and half sarees the most; a pallu that is embellished is even better. If you want to flaunt your hourglass figure or curves, this is your best bet.

What You Need

1. Saree
2. Blouse
3. Petticoat
4. Safety pins


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Do the basic first round of neatly tucking the non-bordered part of the saree around the waist.
  2. Leave about an inch and secure it at the waist. This style needs no pleats.
  3. The remaining material will go around the waist. But first, tuck the beginning of the border at the left side of your waist, beside the belly button.
  4. Swing the remaining around and bring it to the front.
  5. Start making vertical pleats. They need to be as thin as the border. Put this over the right shoulder and let it fall in the front just a few inches above the floor, as shown below.
  6. If any part of the saree is remaining, tuck it all into the saree skirt without making any pleats; it should rather look like a skirt.
  7. Now, take the left end of the pallu and yank it towards the left side shoulder. Pull it from beneath the arm.
  8. Pull it under the pallu and pin it along with the inner skirt.

This graceful style of saree draping can effortlessly make you look like a pro.